What is Heavy Haulage?


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Many business owners today from Ballina and Byron Bay to Sunshine Coast are finding it necessary to move large amounts of materials from one location to another. Because customers want their products quickly, it takes more than several 4X4 trucks to get the job done. This is where heavy haulage becomes necessary. 

Heavy Haulage Transport 
Heavy haulage transport services involve large trucks and other transportation vehicles for the purpose of moving stock, boats, vehicles or aeroplanes. It is often more economical to utilise such a service than to actually purchase a vehicle equipped to take care of your hauling needs. This is also relevant over the long-term if you will be making several trips because it will mean not having to pay for maintenance and repairs. 

How It Works
A heavy haulage company will send someone to your place of business, whether you are located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or somewhere further inland like Toowoomba, who will then load your freight onto their trucks. It will then be safely transported to the final destination, where it will be unloaded.
Containers are often provided to accommodate your product. It is the haulage company’s responsibility to properly clean and sanitise the containers before placing your product into them. This prevents cross-contamination of such products as grain or fertiliser.

You are responsible for providing the haulage company with a reasonable and safe means of loading your freight onto their vehicles and unloading it at the destination.
If large items will be moved, a loading dock should typically be installed to make the process easier and safe. You can then guide the company staff on how you want your product moved from your business.

Why Is Heavy Haulage Transport Necessary?
Heavy haulage transport is essential for those companies who have large amounts of products that need to be moved to stores and businesses in the area. These types of products can include bulk goods, grain and fertiliser. This enables you to get the freight where it needs to go in a timely manner.

If you sell large products such as boats, cars or farm equipment that require secure movement to other locations, a heavy haulage company will provide the specialised services you need. This will ensure the items are safely transported from your business to other locations. Ipswich, Logan, Brisbane, wherever you need your items transported to and from, a heavy haulage company can take care of the logistics.

Finding a Heavy Haulage Company
When searching for a heavy haulage company, you’ll want to inquire about the types of goods they haul, the operation of their trucks, whether they’ll need assistance or special equipment to move freight and how frequently they can provide delivery services. It is also advisable to check out reviews other customers have written about the companies you are considering. This will give you an idea of what type of bang you’ll get for your buck.

While hiring a heavy haulage company may seem like a high cost, it will even out over time. Think of it as an investment that will enable your business to deliver product over a large area that reaches more customers.

If you’re looking for a company to handle all your heavy haulage needs, call McManaway today. From Byron Bay to Sunshine Coast and beyond, we’ll ensure safe transport of all your products from start to finish.



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